Damian Fitzgerald & Matt Heck 

were partnered back in 2008 at content-creation company Three Drunk Monkeys (Sydney) where they created multiple award-winning campaigns across a range of brands.

Damian moved overseas in 2011,  become Senior Creative and/or Creative Director at; Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (San Francisco), Brooklyn Brothers (London) and Wieden & Kennedy (Portland).

Matt went on to Europe to help 72andSunny (Amsterdam) establish their European office and become Creative Director across a range of global brands. 

In 2018, they quit their jobs in order to ‘get the band back together’ and freelance, in the hope of finishing at least 2 of their 173,000 semi-completed personal projects. 

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Matt  //  ︎  ︎
︎  +1 310 593 1142